CPD (Continual Professional Development), Technology & Photography

Did you ever think that when you lifted your first camera that you would need to learn anything other than the few things that the camera did...the skill was in the eye of the Photographer and nothing else was required.

Now days it is so far removed from that era....Cameras have so much technology packed inside them that we don't just need to have the "Eye" but also the knowledge to use every function button on the camera along with internet knowledge, bridging knowledge, bluetooth knowledge and then you need to have some sort of cop on or knowledge on how to use Photoshop or the like in order to do quick touch ups or create digital fantasy art. On top of may need to create and devlope your own website because relaying how you want your website to look, what you want it to do etc...can be a frustrating and can take meeting after meeting with the web developers to get the message accross...this not only takes time but it is costly, these meeting cost money along with the fee to design and maintain same.

So do Photographers need to continually develope their technology & camera skills on an ongoing basis...absolutely! The more training you do, the better photographs you can take and showcase...

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